Lift Technologies Inc.
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Lift Technologies Inc. - Мар 29, 2015

Lift Technologies Inc. Lift Technologies manufactures high-quality vacuum lifting equipment for use with all sizes of piping including concrete, steel and plastic. The…

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TransCanada - Мар 29, 2015

TransCanada Pipeline operator with around 38,000 kilometers of pipeline connecting the Western Sedimentary Basin to the U.S. and Canada. Website:

EMS Group
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EMS Group - Мар 29, 2015

EMS Group Offers fully integrated pipeline operation, management and maintenance services to major pipeline operators, distribution companies, and power, oil and gas producers…

Lakehead PipeLine Partners - Мар 29, 2015

  Lakehead PipeLine Partners The Lakehead PipeLine system transports crude oil and natural gas liquids in the United States from production fields in…

Total S.A.
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Total S.A. - Мар 29, 2015

Total S.A. Total S.A. is one of the leading oil companies in the world with operations in over 100 countries spanning exploration, development,…

El Paso Energy
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El Paso Energy - Мар 29, 2015

El Paso Energy Spanning North America with 40,000+ miles of the best-run, most reliable natural gas transmission pipeline in the business. We?ve invested…

Kinder Morgan
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Kinder Morgan - Мар 29, 2015

Kinder Morgan One of the largest natural gas pipeline transportation and storage operators in the country. Assets include 25,000+ miles of transmission pipeline…

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Torcup - Мар 29, 2015

Torcup TorcUP is a worldwide supplier of Industrial Bolting Equipment and Associated Supplies. Hydraulic Torque Tools for all applications. On site Sales/Service/Rental. Industrial…

Kaneb Pipe Line Operating Partnership - Мар 29, 2015

  Kaneb Pipe Line Operating Partnership See our website for details Website:

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CRC-EVANS - Мар 29, 2015

CRC-EVANS CRC-Evans Automatic Welding is a Texas, Houston based division of CRC-Evans Pipeline International Incorporated which provides patented systems for welding, beveling and…

Tianjin Xinyue Industrial and Trade Co., LTD
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Tianjin Xinyue Industrial and Trade Co., LTD - Мар 29, 2015

Tianjin Xinyue Industrial and Trade Co., LTD Tianjin Xinyue Industrial and Trade Co., LTD supply steel pipes,spiral steel pipe,erw steel pipe,seamless steel pipe,galvanized…

International Equity Partners Oil & Gas
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International Equity Partners Oil & Gas - Мар 29, 2015

International Equity Partners Oil & Gas Intl. Equity Partners O & G is a Canadian Energy Holding Company with operations headquartered in Houston,…

HEBNA Corporation
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HEBNA Corporation - Мар 29, 2015

HEBNA Corporation HEBNA, a Texas based hdpe Pipeline Company specialized in coating and corrosion, pipe repair, hdpe pipe, high density polyethylene etc. Website:…

Threeway Steel
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Threeway Steel - Мар 29, 2015

Threeway Steel Threeway Steel is one of the biggest oil & gas pipeline, structure & pile pipe manufacturer. Website:

Coral Energy
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Coral Energy - Мар 29, 2015

  Coral Energy Connect your wellhead production to our pipelines quickly and efficiently. We own and operate more than 6,100 miles of pipeline,…