Clay Thomas, PC
Professional Services
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Clay Thomas, PC - Май 01, 2015

Clay Thomas, PC Premier Certified Public Accounting Firm offering services to the Oil and Gas Industry. Website:

Leadout Partners, LP
Professional Services
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Leadout Partners, LP - Май 01, 2015

Leadout Partners, LP Leadout Partners is a financial and strategic advisory firm, specializing in assisting owners of small to middle-market service companies achieve…

Graves & Co.
Professional Services
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Graves & Co. - Май 01, 2015

Graves & Co Provides full exploration and production support services including accounting (including audits), land management and production marketing. Also provides due diligence services…

ABC Tax Solutions
Professional Services
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ABC Tax Solutions - Май 01, 2015

ABC Tax Solutions When it comes to Property Tax Management our Senior Property Tax Consultants are well versed in the Texas Property Tax…

Professional Services
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Division - Май 01, 2015

Division We handle mediation, arbitrator services, asset management, conflict management, counseling services and project negotiation. We pride ourselves in helping businesses Website:…

RMI Corporation
Professional Services
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RMI Corporation - Май 01, 2015

RMI Corporation RMI delivers ADVANTAGE Software, designed specifically for businesses that sell, rent and service equipment. ADVANTAGE provides complete management across the following…

Professional Services
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AccuVal-LiquiTec - Май 01, 2015

AccuVal-LiquiTec The industry leader in corporate valuation, advisory and liquidation services. Specializing in the appraisal of upstream oil & gas assets and the…

Professional Services
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Inovativsolutions - Май 01, 2015

InovativSolutions - Engineering Services, Technology Licensing, IP Portfolio Management, R&D Analysis, Oil - Gas Taxation, Technical-Valuation, Expert Witness Testimony, Legal, Litigation, Depletion, IDC,…

Professional Services
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RTMS - Май 01, 2015

RTMS Oilfield Rental Tool and Fishing Tool Software - site for product information and support. Website:

Avatar Systems, Inc.
Professional Services
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Avatar Systems, Inc. - Май 01, 2015

Avatar Systems, Inc., is a leader in accounting and resource management software for the Oil & Gas industry, offering a full line of…

Petroleum Accounting Consultants
Professional Services
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Petroleum Accounting Consultants - Май 01, 2015

Petroleum Accounting Consultants Our consultants know how to take advantage of oil and gas tax incentives that other CPA firms are not aware…

The Rockport-Essex Company — oil and gas auditing
Professional Services
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The Rockport-Essex Company — oil and gas auditing - Май 01, 2015

The Rockport-Essex Company - oil and gas auditing Providing revenue, royalty and joint venture auditing and litigation support services to oil and gas…

Hall, Kistler & Company LLP
Professional Services
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Hall, Kistler & Company LLP - Май 01, 2015

Hall, Kistler & Company LLP Certified Public Accounting and Consulting Firm Website:

Petroleum Strategies
Professional Services
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Petroleum Strategies - Май 01, 2015

Petroleum Strategies Petroleum Strategies is the nation's oldest and most trusted provider of 1031 exchange Qualified Intermediary services for energy clients. What makes…

Traducciones espa?ol
Professional Services
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Traducciones espa?ol - Май 01, 2015

Traducciones espa?ol Realizamos traducciones de todo tipo de textos. Contamos con un equipo de profesionales altamente capacitados y precios competitivos. Nos destacamos por…