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Deepwater Corrosion Services

Мар 29, 2015
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Deepwater Corrosion Services is a global leader in offshore corrosion control and cathodic protection technology. For over 25 years Deepwater has designed and manufactured systems to protect all types of offshore assets in various environments.
Website: stoprust.com

Deepwater Corrosion Services

 Deepwater protects offshore infrastructure from corrosion


We develop more efficient systems to protect, monitor and extend the productive lives of assets.

To overcome the corrosion problems inherent to a developing energy industry,  Deepwater engineers draw from decades of offshore corrosion engineering and design knowledge.

We focus on innovative methods to improve existing technology and understanding, in order to deliver the most simple and effective solution for our customers. While the industry continues to greater depths, Deepwater has consistently found new ways to protect, monitor and ultimately extend the productive life of the world’s offshore infrastructure.

 Founded In 1986, Deepwater is a full-service offshore corrosion control company, supplying the energy industry with expertise in cathodic protection and corrosion engineering.

For nearly thirty years, Deepwater has developed numerous methods and technologies for controlling corrosion on virtually any type of offshore asset, from platforms and pipelines to FPSOs and wind farms.


Deepwater has developed an array of anode systems that have become the standard solution for the wide-ranging corrosion problems they were built to address.  As the energy industry grows morecomplex, so do the new challenges that continue to drive our corrosion engineers and designers. New depths, new life requirements and new materials create an ever-evolving mix of cathodic protection and corrosion mitigation issues that require an experienced hand. Our seasoned staff of NACE-certified corrosion engineers are experienced in all aspects of corrosion and materials science. No other company has a track record with offshore corrosion to match Deepwater’s.

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