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Office Tenders Inc

Мар 29, 2015
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Office Tenders, Inc.

Office Tenders Inc
Office Tenders, Inc. provides DOT Compliance Services to truckers and motor vehicle carriers nationwide, including Log Book Auditing, Driver Qualification File Services, Fuel Tax Reporting, Drug & Alcohol Testing, bookkeeping, and more.
Website: www.officetenders.com


Behind the Scenes at Office Tenders

Can you believe that Office Tenders began with a blind date? Owners Jim and Ann Weiler were living in Minnesota, working for the same company under the same roof without the faintest inkling of Office Tenders. Then, one day, their friends decided to go dancing and the two were set up on a blind date.

Despite the fact that Jim admits to arriving late (and falling asleep during one of Ann’s lectures on procedures and records), the date was clearly a success. After noticing that Ann was traveling to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan nearly every weekend to visit family, Jim suggested a permanent move. The couple decided to get away from the hustle and bustle and build a life in the beautiful Copper Country on the shores of Lake Superior.

Dancing into the Trucking Industry

To begin fresh in a new town takes some planning, and for Ann and Jim, that planning included the creation of Office Tenders. A family member, who happened to be a truck driver, was complaining of the hassles and hardships of completing and filing DOT paperwork and inspiration struck. Why not make the job a little bit easier and less confusing for some of the nation’s hardest working citizens?

Fast forward through two years of research and development and Office Tenders began in 1995. The trucking paperwork services started off with driver qualification files and DOT random drug and alcohol testing, growing to include the comprehensive options that Office Tenders provides today.

Office Tenders Today

From a moment of inspiration to nation-wide service, Office Tenders has come a long way. The business now serves trucking companies and drivers in 36 states, including Michigan and Wisconsin. When not busy auditing driver log books or helping a new trucking company get started, Jim moonlights as a rock-and-roll musician in a local band, acts as umpire for Legion and adult baseball games, and referees high school and college basketball. Ann loves listening to the band and stealing quiet time in the serenity of neighboring Keweenaw County.

The best part of running Office Tenders for them – meeting all of the wonderful people! They love being able to provide personal, one-on-one service to each and every client, which is what really makes Office Tenders stand out from the crowd. Discover the benefits of working hand-in-hand with a dedicated DOT paperwork service provider for yourself!

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