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Pyane Land Surveying, LLC

Мар 29, 2015
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Payne Land Surveying

Payne Land Surveying

Pyane Land Surveying, LLC
  Payne Land Surveying provides land survey services in the area of Burleson county & Brazos county, Texas.
  Website: www.paynelandsurveying.com

About Us

Payne LLC was started in June of 2012 by Phillip C. Payne, RPLS #6064. Phillip has over 15 years experience in the surveying industry, has obtained a Bachelors of Science in Geography with an emphasis in Geographic Information Science, has taught land surveying as an adjunct professor at Texas State University, completed numerous large scale projects for the City of San Marcos and Texas State University, and served as a missionary for two years in Mexico where he became fluent in Spanish.

Oil & Gas Surveying

We provide surveying and consulting services to the oil and gas industry. Our list of services include but are not limited to: pad and well staking, elevation work for BFE determination, elevation certificates for oil and gas related machinery, surface …

Land Surveying

At Payne LLC we provide land surveys on tracts both big and small for title company closings, bank loans or just so an individual knows where their property boundaries are. This includes locating existing boundary corners, setting boundary corners that …

Estate Partitioning

We provide consulting and estate partitioning services for any size tract of land. These services can be provided to create boundary lines and descriptions for individuals with a percent interest in a tract, for land division before the death of …

Topographic Surveying

We provide all aspects of topographic surveying and mapping for the public and private sectors. Our comprehensive work is ideal for engineering and architectural design and features: boundary lines and monuments, easements, contour lines, tree location, above and below ground …

Farm & Ranch Surveying

We provide surveying services to meet the rural community’s needs and are experienced in surveying both farms and ranches. Whether it is a 40 acre get away from the big city, a 300 acre farm or a 1000 acre ranch …

Construction Staking

We provide construction staking services for projects both big and small. Payne can handle any phase of the construction staking process and understand the extreme need for expedient service when time matters. Our construction staking services include but are not …

Right-of-Way and Easement Plats

We provide plats as well as metes and bounds descriptions of land tracts that are being acquired for additional road right-of-way and/or utility easement purposes.

Property Line Staking

We provide property line staking to help facilitate fence building or so the location of the property line is known.

Flood Elevation Certificate

A certificate for flood insurance called a flood elevation certificate can be provided for the purpose of obtaining flood insurance. These certificates reference the elevation of the floor of a structure in relationship to a Base Flood Elevation or BFE. …

CAD Drafting

We provide drafting services in AutoCAD and tailor those services to the needs of the client.

Deed Research

We provide deed researching services.


121 W. Buck St.
Caldwell, TX 77836

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