Вакансия (Senior) Reservoir Engineer

Вакансия (Senior) Reservoir Engineer

The job responsibilities (Senior) Reservoir Engineer are identified on the basis and in the scope of the qualification requirements Reservoir Engineer and may be amended and identified according to the Job Description as required

General Description of Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for operational reservoir engineering to provide technical and operational support for production and drilling activity and RP reporting. As a Reservoir Engineer in the Development Optimisation Team, the main accountabilities are to define and deliver reservoir simulation models as input to reservoir management and field development optimisation. Provide reservoir-engineering support for production and drilling activity. Contribute to the annual Hydrocarbon Reserves Report through the delivery of the Proven and Expectation reserves chapter. Manage and co-ordinate a data management system as a focal point.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Production Operations, Optimization & Start-up, Well & Reservoir Surveillance.
  • Contribute to production optimization activities covering the total integrated production system through PtL and Well-by-well reviews and regular multi-disciplinary meetings such as the Production and Injection Optimization Forum.
  • Maintain and improve current dynamic models normally using the Reduce++, MoReS software route, updating to account for production history, surveillance and new well data (including integrating all seismic, geological and petrophysical data as well as facilities processing capacities and constraints), and to incorporate revised geological models and new 3D or 4D seismic information.
  • Build hydrodynamic subsurface simulation models (oil and gas/condensate) and perform history matching and production forecasting.
  • Perform Pressure Build-Up, PFO and Interference tests analyses to identify possible causes of formation damage and recommend remedial actions. 
  • Ensure well and production performance data is made readily available for visualization and analysis with Oil Field Manager (OFM).
  • Provide production decline curves from OFM for IPM short-term forecasting.
  • Duties include ensuring OFM database is up to date with correct production and pressure data. 
  • Perform ‘first line’ monitoring of reservoir performance and well production and pressure data to ensure reservoir and well management guidelines are implemented and to ensure over-all production levels are maximized on a daily basis.
  • Duties include: check offshore PC daily for proper function of program and gauges; review and analyze pressure, production and GOR trends and data to support allocation of well rates.
  • Provide RE input to well test design and well test analysis; fluid sampling and fluid analysis. Participate in addressing development issues such as well proposals, reservoir management plans, development analysis, development optimization, start-up programs.
  • Provide reservoir-engineering input to the WRM and WRS plans.
  • Help prepare short-term production forecasts for each well. Support to provide long-term production forecasts to the business planning
  • Contribute to the annual Hydrocarbon Reserves Report through the delivery of the Proven and Expectation reserves and annual Reserves Audit.
  • Drilling and Workover Operations and Rigless Interventions Provide input to proposals for interventions to increase oil production such as workovers, rigless interventions, acid jobs and hydraulic fracture treatments. Provide reservoir-engineering input to the design and execution phases of the oil producer and water injection wells, in line with the well delivery process.
  • This includes coordinate input to the WFS, GWD and well proposals; contribute to After Action Reviews and End of Well Reports etc.
  • Following completion of each new well, help to prepare preliminary and final well reports. Provide input to post-activity reports for well interventions. Provide support to the Standing Commission when required. Provide support to the GWD changes. Provide input to proposals for rigless well interventions to obtain data such as PLT surveys, MDT surveys and down-hole PVT sampling.  RP reporting and approvals. Provide advice on compliance and reporting with regulatory requirements as stipulated by the Russian Federation (Accounting Chamber, MPR, RTN and RPN audits, CRI reports, AGR/BRR/AMP/AIR).

Резюме направлять mail: aigoshin@staffwell.com
Александр Игошин/Alexandr Igoshin Senior Oil&Gas Recruiter,

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